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Grade Type 
Match Format 

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1 Thokala, NikhilBlacktown City & District Cricket Association460000
2 UPPILI, DarshBlacktown City & District Cricket Association440000
3 Smith, LachlanLachlan Cricket Council440010
4 Beavan, JedWagga Wagga District Cricket Association440010
5 rodet, sebastianWagga Wagga District Cricket Association440010
6 Casarotto, GenACT444530
7 Higham, MatthewShoalhaven District Junior Cricket Association440000
8 Zerafa, LucasShoalhaven District Junior Cricket Association430000
9 Weightman, AlexWagga Wagga District Cricket Association430000
10 Fletcher, TomShoalhaven District Junior Cricket Association432100
11 Goodsell, RyanLachlan Cricket Council430000
12 Roscarel, HarryLachlan Cricket Council430001
13 Lamb, JacobMitchell Cricket Council430001
14 Singh, GurpartaapNorth West Sydney Cricket Club430000
15 Champion, NicholasInner West Harbour Junior Cricket Association430000
16 Haley, JamesACT430020
17 Kerr, NathanACT430000
18 Ingram, JacksonShoalhaven District Junior Cricket Association430010
19 Pillai, Darsh SNorth West Sydney Cricket Club430000
20 Mason, Joah PShoalhaven District Junior Cricket Association430010
21 Bhooi, RoopBlacktown City & District Cricket Association430000
22 McKenna, MathewOrange District Junior Cricket Association430000
23 Hemadri, NikhilBlacktown City & District Cricket Association430012
24 Wright, JoelParramatta District Cricket Association430000
25 Dhanoa, Jaiveer singhParramatta District Cricket Association430000
26 Newman, LiamBlacktown City & District Cricket Association420000
27 Padmeswaran, BrenevanParramatta District Cricket Association420310
28 Strawns, JackDubbo District Junior Cricket Association420001
29 Taylor, HughACT420001
30 Macdonald, ThomasNorth West Sydney Cricket Club420001
31 Astill, LeoPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc420010
32 Withers, OliverACT420010
33 Weerawardena, TevinNorth West Sydney Cricket Club420000
34 Dhaliwal, HarveerPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc420011
35 Walker, WilliamSouth Eastern Junior Cricket Association420011
36 Das, OskarACT420000
37 O'Carroll, RileyShoalhaven District Junior Cricket Association420000
38 Gilkes, RyanShoalhaven District Junior Cricket Association420000
39 McCarney, NedMitchell Cricket Council420000
40 Suresh, VishalParramatta District Cricket Association420010
41 Patterson, OliverSouth Eastern Junior Cricket Association420000
42 Champion, BenjaminInner West Harbour Junior Cricket Association420000
43 Pereira, ShaunBlacktown City & District Cricket Association420000
44 Esh, Harrison JNorth West Sydney Cricket Club420000
45 Abela, Bailey JCricket Illawarra422010
46 Campbell, Angus BCricket Illawarra421000
47 Rahman, RaakinACT420000
48 Allen, NicholasACT420011
49 Lavender, FredSouth Coast District Cricket Association420001
50 Maan, JaspreetBlacktown City & District Cricket Association420000
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Total Records: 217   Page: 1 of 5   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5]>Next
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.