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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubUnder 13 Western NSW CarnivalUnder 15 Western NSW CarnivalUnder 15 Western NSW Girls CarnivalUnder 13 Western NSW CarnivalUnder 15 Western NSW CarnivalUnder 15 Western NSW Girls Carnival
Abeni, HunterParramatta District Cricket Association400400
Aitchison, GregorInner West Harbour Junior Cricket Association400400
Alexander-Easaw, JoelNorth Shore Junior Cricket Association400400
Allen, JaxsonCricket Wagga Wagga020020
Allen, WilliamInner West Harbour Junior Cricket Association400400
Anderson, JamieWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals400400
Ashburner, Jack WBankstown District Cricket Association400400
Bailey, Axel MMosman Cricket Club040040
Barton, Kasey TSouth Coast District Cricket Association400400
Barton, Kynan WSouth Coast District Cricket Association400400
Batty, AnnabelPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc004004
Bayliss, NateDubbo District Junior Cricket Association400400
Bedford, BaileyPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc030030
Beecham, GemmaWestern Cricket Zone004004
Bell, WilliamPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc400400
Bennett, ConnorWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals300300
Bennett, GabrielleWestern Cricket Zone004004
BENNETT, HaddenWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals300300
Bermingham, ThomasInner West Harbour Junior Cricket Association400400
Bhanage, AsmiGordon Womens Cricket Club004004
Bhooi, RoopBlacktown City & District Cricket Association400400
Bielby, ThomasNorth West Sydney Cricket Club400400
Black, CalleeWestern Cricket Zone004004
Boorer, ArchieRadford College (Club)300300
Boorer, FergusRadford College (Club)400400
Boorer, LukasRadford College (Club)400400
Boreddy, Advith RParramatta District Cricket Association400400
Bourke, Max ADubbo District Junior Cricket Association400400
Bouwer, JamesNorth Shore Junior Cricket Association400400
Boxshall, BenParramatta District Cricket Association400400
Boyd, LachlanWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals400400
Brar, DamanNorth West Sydney Cricket Club400400
Bray, Jack DNorth Shore Junior Cricket Association400400
Brazier, HarryOrange District Junior Cricket Association400400
Brien, NoahDubbo District Junior Cricket Association040040
Brincat, OliverOrange District Junior Cricket Association400400
Brown, Connor CCentral West Cricket Council400400
Brown, CooperInner West Harbour Junior Cricket Association400400
Bunting, Nicholas BBlacktown City & District Cricket Association030030
Burke, BlaydeCentral West Cricket Council400400
Byrne, JackDubbo District Junior Cricket Association040040
Bywater, JoshuaDubbo District Junior Cricket Association040040
Cain, LiamCentral West Cricket Council040040
Caldwell, WilliamSouth Eastern Junior Cricket Association040040
Callaghan, OliviaGordon Womens Cricket Club004004
Cambridge, ElizabethGordon Womens Cricket Club004004
Campion, AidenSouth Coast District Cricket Association400400
Canvin, NataliePenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc004004
Carruthers, BraydonBlacktown City & District Cricket Association200200
Champion, NicholasInner West Harbour Junior Cricket Association400400