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Champion Player

Grade Type 
Match Format 

 PlayerClubMatches Points
1 Kreuzberger, BlakeMitchell Cricket Council450.50
2 Sienkiewicz, HughDubbo District Junior Cricket Association429.30
3 Thompson, HughMitchell Cricket Council425.00
4 Sequeira, JadenNorthern District Junior Cricket Association422.40
5 Rummans, LachlanDubbo District Junior Cricket Association421.40
6 Gianoutsos, HarrySouth Eastern Junior Cricket Association421.20
7 Segal, JordanSouth Eastern Junior Cricket Association420.40
8 Sharma, Tushar KBlacktown City & District Cricket Association320.00
9 Watson, Josh MPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc320.00
10 Madan, AayushBlacktown City & District Cricket Association319.60
11 Scott, SamuelMosman Cricket Club418.80
12 Di Veroli, HugoNorthern District Junior Cricket Association416.80
13 Hunter, LukeMitchell Cricket Council416.50
14 Dunn, Hayden BPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc316.20
15 Warburton, CampbellNorthern District Junior Cricket Association416.00
16 Hule, DakshBlacktown City & District Cricket Association315.50
17 Melvey, DylanSouth Eastern Junior Cricket Association415.00
18 Allen, JaxsonCricket Wagga Wagga214.90
19 Cornish, AngusMitchell Cricket Council414.80
20 Sumares, EliBlacktown City & District Cricket Association314.60
21 Gobinath, ArinathNorthern District Junior Cricket Association414.20
22 Caldwell, WilliamSouth Eastern Junior Cricket Association413.90
23 Evans, ElliotMosman Cricket Club413.70
24 Thakur, YuvrajNorthern District Junior Cricket Association413.40
25 Nathan, MaxSouth Eastern Junior Cricket Association413.30
26 SINGH, ArmaanBlacktown City & District Cricket Association313.00
27 Vaya, MahirBlacktown City & District Cricket Association312.90
28 Craddock, IsaacNorthern District Junior Cricket Association412.50
29 Cornell, AustinCricket Wagga Wagga212.00
30 Simmons, SamualPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc311.80
31 Joshi, RohanBlacktown City & District Cricket Association311.70
32 Watson, HarryPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc311.50
33 Reeves, JaiDubbo District Junior Cricket Association411.20
34 Murray, TedDubbo District Junior Cricket Association410.60
35 Mott, Jack TMosman Cricket Club410.50
36 Nutt, William MMosman Cricket Club410.10
37 robertson, zanderSouth Eastern Junior Cricket Association410.10
38 Windus, CalvinMitchell Cricket Council49.80
39 Peet, RudyDubbo District Junior Cricket Association49.70
40 Constantian, JoshuaMosman Cricket Club49.40
41 Brien, NoahDubbo District Junior Cricket Association49.40
42 Parkinson, LukePenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc39.20
43 Bailey, Axel MMosman Cricket Club48.60
44 Bywater, JoshuaDubbo District Junior Cricket Association48.50
45 Penney, Kaelan MPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc38.40
46 Bunting, Nicholas BBlacktown City & District Cricket Association38.40
47 Farrell, MilesNorthern District Junior Cricket Association48.00
48 Hirst, Sam WMosman Cricket Club48.00
49 Steinberg, RorySouth Eastern Junior Cricket Association47.70
50 Wilson, AlexanderSouth Eastern Junior Cricket Association47.70
51 Segaert, Alexander WMosman Cricket Club47.50
52 Lumley, WilliamDubbo District Junior Cricket Association47.50
53 Gomesz, CameronPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc37.20
54 Pavey, JamieSouth Eastern Junior Cricket Association47.20
55 Christison, Luke GNorthern District Junior Cricket Association47.00
56 Farthing, JamieSouth Eastern Junior Cricket Association47.00
57 Byrne, JackDubbo District Junior Cricket Association46.90
58 Hollow, OliverMitchell Cricket Council46.80
59 Morris, ELIMitchell Cricket Council46.70
60 Franjic, Sebastian NBlacktown City & District Cricket Association36.60
61 Madala, CharanWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals36.40
62 Gale, JackPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc36.30
63 Mulder, JackMosman Cricket Club46.20
64 Hunter, DanMitchell Cricket Council46.10
65 Hitchen, FergusMosman Cricket Club46.10
66 Coleman, RyanPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc36.00
67 Walsh, PatrickNorthern District Junior Cricket Association45.80
68 Wassef, MarcoNorthern District Junior Cricket Association45.50
69 Manson, Cooper GCricket Wagga Wagga25.50
70 Rose, AngusDubbo District Junior Cricket Association45.30
71 Keen, XavierMosman Cricket Club45.20
72 Jude Philamin, EsliNorthern District Junior Cricket Association45.10
73 Whale, Connor JMitchell Cricket Council45.00
74 Manson-Lill, JackNorthern District Junior Cricket Association44.40
75 Dent, RaymondPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc34.30
76 Rowsell, WillMosman Cricket Club44.30
77 Cain, LiamMitchell Cricket Council44.20
78 Ranganath, AdityaWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals34.00
79 Johnston-Ockers, BlazeBlacktown City & District Cricket Association33.90
80 Sharp, SebastianMosman Cricket Club43.80
81 Robertson, LucasSouth Eastern Junior Cricket Association43.80
82 Coleman, ClaytonPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc33.60
83 Tink, CharlieMitchell Cricket Council43.40
84 Smith, BlakeDubbo District Junior Cricket Association43.30
85 Parker, Nathan TSouth Eastern Junior Cricket Association43.10
86 Lyons, GusCricket Wagga Wagga23.00
87 Higman, LachlanCricket Wagga Wagga22.90
88 Coles, Gus MCricket Wagga Wagga22.60
89 Bedford, BaileyPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc32.60
90 Hall, CodyMitchell Cricket Council42.60
91 Smith, TraeDubbo District Junior Cricket Association42.30
92 Rodet, SebastianCricket Wagga Wagga21.30
93 Quince-Dohl, NickCricket Wagga Wagga21.30
94 Ranganath, Abhay TWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals31.10
95 Skippen, JoelCricket Wagga Wagga21.00
96 Nolte, LukeCricket Wagga Wagga21.00
97 Naumann, Luke RCricket Wagga Wagga21.00
98 Guy, MylesCricket Wagga Wagga21.00
99 Patel, VrajBlacktown City & District Cricket Association30.50
100 McCartan, JackCricket Wagga Wagga20.30
101 Nutt, Edward GMosman Cricket Club40.00
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Points allocation
Runs 0.10 Catches 1.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 2.00 Assisted Wickets 1.00
Unassisted Runouts 2.00 Assisted Runouts 1.00
100s 10.00 50s 5.00
Stumpings 1.00 5 wkts in Innings 5.00
Not outs 1.00