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Champion Player

Grade Type 
Match Format 

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 PlayerClubMatches Points
1 Bermingham, ThomasInner West Harbour Junior Cricket Association443.50
2 Allen, WilliamInner West Harbour Junior Cricket Association439.90
3 Myers, JakeBankstown District Cricket Association432.80
4 Thadani, ShaanParramatta District Cricket Association432.80
5 Brar, DamanNorth West Sydney Cricket Club432.10
6 Robson, JoshuaWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals430.40
7 Kamsali, AbhinavParramatta District Cricket Association429.80
8 Smith, WilliamBlacktown City & District Cricket Association429.60
9 Champion, NicholasInner West Harbour Junior Cricket Association428.40
10 Cullen, ThomasNorth Shore Junior Cricket Association427.00
11 Hemadri, NikhilWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals427.00
12 Soni-Abayakoon, RaviParramatta District Cricket Association425.60
13 Harper, JamesWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals423.10
14 Giddings, CooperDubbo District Junior Cricket Association422.50
15 Wraight, NoahPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc422.00
16 Barton, Kynan WSouth Coast District Cricket Association421.90
17 Ramakanth, AtharvBankstown District Cricket Association420.90
18 Coleman, JacobSouth Coast District Cricket Association420.80
19 Hutchings, MacMitchell Cricket Council420.40
20 Thilak, AadithyaWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals420.20
21 Chandrasekar, ShrisaiBlacktown City & District Cricket Association420.20
22 Singh, GurmeharParramatta District Cricket Association419.80
23 Riseborough, HenryNorth Shore Junior Cricket Association419.70
24 Boorer, LukasRadford College (Club)419.70
25 Mehta, TanmayParramatta District Cricket Association419.00
26 Freedman, SamuelBlacktown City & District Cricket Association418.50
27 Stevenson, LochlanNorth Shore Junior Cricket Association418.50
28 Omar, EesaParramatta District Cricket Association418.40
29 Coverdale, HaydenBlacktown City & District Cricket Association417.80
30 Richmond, LachlanInner West Harbour Junior Cricket Association417.50
31 Wood, JaydenParramatta District Cricket Association417.50
32 Robertson, LucasWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals417.40
33 KAMBOJ, AjiteshNorth West Sydney Cricket Club417.40
34 Sandugula, Venkata PrabhatNorth Shore Junior Cricket Association416.50
35 Mallawaratchy, JaylenBlacktown City & District Cricket Association416.20
36 Hunt, AydanDubbo District Junior Cricket Association416.20
37 Roy, AryanWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals416.10
38 Madala, CharanWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals415.60
39 Rutkis, JulianInner West Harbour Junior Cricket Association415.60
40 Ranganath, Abhay TWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals415.50
41 Jarick, OliverOrange District Junior Cricket Association414.90
42 McKenna, MathewWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals414.50
43 Hunt, Austin FDubbo District Junior Cricket Association414.40
44 Barton, Kasey TSouth Coast District Cricket Association414.30
45 Myburgh-Sisam, KaydenPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc414.10
46 Klein, MaxPenrith Junior Cricket Association Inc414.10
47 Bhooi, RoopBlacktown City & District Cricket Association413.80
48 Hale, FionnMitchell Cricket Council413.70
49 French, JohntyWestern NSW Junior Cricket Carnivals313.70
50 Joshi, KrishRadford College (Club)413.60
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Total Records: 194   Page: 1 of 4   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4]>Next

Points allocation
Runs 0.10 Catches 1.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 2.00 Assisted Wickets 1.00
Unassisted Runouts 2.00 Assisted Runouts 1.00
100s 10.00 50s 5.00
Stumpings 1.00 5 wkts in Innings 5.00
Not outs 1.00